Wedding Invitation (2017)

Watercolour and color pencils on watercolour paper, 30 x 40 cm.

Husband of the singer (2016)

Marker and watercolour on paper, 10 x 10 cm.

Kaspar (2016)

Fineliner & watercolor in sketchbook.

Campfire (2016)

Ink marker & watercolor in sketchbook. No, this is not from a picture – drawn live.

Pottery Class (2016)

Ink marker in sketchbook.

Parmesan (2016)

Indian ink. For the Foodporn Cookbook.

Sleeping Dogs (2016)

Sketchbook, ink & watercolor.

Empanada Surf Club (2016)

Sketchbook, ink marker.

No Mistakes Please (2015)

Ink. For Inktober 2015.

Sexual Fantasies – pencil (2015)

A pencil drawing on a friend’s commission.

Banner: Shallow Sea

(detail) Made in Hexels Pro.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 15.22.06

Download the full XX wide version (10464 x 896): Read and hear more…

LFB Flyer illustrations

Cut paper example.
Finished illustrations have a different style – will add these later.

Agony (2011)

Felt marker drawing printed on translucent paper, on a paint background.

The Fall

Lino cuttings.

Trap (2011)

20 x 30 cm. Lino print on rice paper. This is a photo and therefor a bit warped.

Runners High (2011)

+- 60 x 20 cm. Permanent marker on a spare IKEA wood panel.

Fête de la Musique

Illustrations for a website, flyers, posters and other publicity materials for the music festival. Design by de Ruimte Ontwerpers. Read and hear more…

My Recipe

And that’s how you make my trademark ratatouille. Pop-up book consisting only of cut-out colored paper, no pens or paint used. (I should really re-record this video in HD).

Self Portrait in 10 Parts (2011)

Acrylics on A2 paper.

10 portraits of faces in my photo library, which face recognition software suggested could be me. Usually the software is right, but these were some of the few exceptions. What is it that makes these faces resemble mine? Trying different styles to make portraits of these faces, I constructed a diffused portrait of myself.
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Portrait of a dog I know, in Illustrator.

WMO brochure 2011

For sale at

A series of 11 paper illustrations, for a brochure about Social Support. Made for De Ruimte Ontwerpers.

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Global Game Jam Character Designs

The yearly game creation extravaganza, held worldwide on hundreds of locations for thousands of game creators. In 2010 I was asked by the global organization to create a poster for it, and several countries used my designs. Some even made costumes based on my craracters! At Dutch Game Garden I organized the 2009, 2010 and 2011 editions of this event.

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Swing Obsessions

Acrylics & Indian ink on packing paper.

Icon Fever

A bunch of quickly drawn images, depicting thoughts collected in december 2009. I think I had about 30 of these to compliment a display of other work, but I like them very much on their own.

Afternoon Obsessions

Felt marker and paint marker on packing paper.