Dutch voice-over actor


Business 2 Business


Professional Internal Presentations

Businesses often need internal videos, or materials they only send to clients. This needs to be done professionally and with a friendly voice. I can't show you examples because this material is not for public use, but I can tell you a bit more about some of the projects I've worked on. 



Vehicle IVECO needed to have a large number of videos translated about their competitors translated for internal use in their development department. I dubbed the original videos, commissioned by Italian sound studio TcRec.

Nationale Nederlanden

The Drawing Room made an animated video explaining the pension plans of this Dutch insurance company.
I provided the Dutch voice.

15-NN_Animation_Graphic_Retail_Design_Studio_Drawingroom copy.jpg


ROC Superschool

This cooperation of schools in Amsterdam and Flevoland was planning to change a lot of processes before the year 2020. For that, they needed to produce some motivating videos for internal use. I voiced the animation, made by Guckindiewelt.