Dutch voice-over actor

Character Acting & Animation

Character Acting & Animation


Breathing life into characters.


GGD Tandenpoes

This magical cat explains children how to brush their teeth. I did a bunch of voices for this series, including the tooth brush cat and the hippo. Produced for GGZ (the Dutch National Health Service) by il Luster Productions, animation by Studio Carambolas. 

Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal

This is a clip for the Dutch parliament, created by Frodo Kuijpers and il Luster Productions. 'Poldering' is a very Dutch concept, meaning that every party in a project has to give in a little bit, so the project actually gets realized. 


Urenco - Richie

Richie is a little enriched uranium isotope, the mascot of nuclear power company Urenco. In his online environment, children can learn about nuclear and other forms of power.