Dutch voice-over actor


Educational Projects


Teaching is learning.

Educational projects are always amazingly interesting to do, because they always teach me something new. I love explaining things to children and adults that I've only just learned myself. This allows me to be excited as well as convincing. My voice is relatively neutral, so it does not get in the way of the material.



Mozaik Education from Hungary asked me to provide the dutch voice for their online learning environment, Mozaweb. It contains hundreds of very detailed 3d animations, in which the students can discover architecture, biology, history, science and much more, at their own pace. This project is ongoing, and might be my favourite educational project yet.

Eye Filmmuseum: Avonturen in het Donker

Film experts and fellow film scholars Dyzlo Film created this school program about film, distributed by Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam. Eye is the big white building you see when you look over the water from the train station. In this series, children learn to watch movies critically, and analyse them.

TU Technische Universiteit Delft

A series of videos on science and technology, and their benefits in the classroom.

De Eeuw van het Medicijn

In this project by Taskforce Innovatie Regio Utrecht, FourceLabs, HKU School of the Arts and University Museum Utrecht, children learn to do basic scientific research. They do empirical research, and learn the importance of scientific principles like repeated testing.