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Health Care

Health Care


A Comforting Voice.

Health care requires a voice that is friendly to everyone listening, sometimes taking a bit more time to explain difficult subjects in detail. Many of these projects deal with mental health, like eGGZ Centrum, Inpreze, Jouw Omgeving, and Suus Hessling's film Retrogenese. The subject of mental health care is a topic I care deeply about, and therefor am always glad to be trusted with them. 



Karify creates online environments to connect patients to their health care professionals. It's an easy to use interface, that makes connecting to therapists, doctors et cetera, painless. 


eGGZ Centrum

eMental Health is a big topic in the Netherlands. Many companies are coming up with innovation that make digital mental health care easier and more accessible. This conference by eGGZ Centrum was meant to bring many of these organisations together. Production by Dyzlo Film.

B Fit Trainingswijzer

B Fit is an aerobic training and treatment program for people with neuromuscular conditions. This instructions is meant for physiotherapists, to guide them through the patient process.


In this project, teens learn to be mindful, to counter their anxiety or depression. In a series of 6 short exercises, the teens learn to pay attention to different parts of their body, and pay attention to the here and now.

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KansPlus Ouderenproject

A series of videos about elder care, and especially elderly people with Down syndrome. Production by Buro Opaal.

Retrogenese (English and Dutch versions)

Suus Hessling's graduation project, made completely in papercraft, tells us in detail what happens when people get dementia. A sad story that most people will encounter at some point in their lives. Suus asked me to do the voice in both English and Dutch.