Dutch voice-over actor
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Online Video Content

Online Video Content


Your story in more detail.

Many companies use the internet to not only present their company and sell products, but also to provide more information for their clients and customers. Video content means visibility, and good video content means good communication. A lot of my work consists of this type of production: not an overly selling tone, but more measured and convincing. The goal is to explain the ins and outs of your story as well as possible .



This company specializes in Smart appliances, and advising people about them. A series of 30+ YouTube videos explains every aspect of making your life easier with technology. 


These acupuncture products are pretty new to most Europeans, so a little explanation is in order. This is a good example of really quiet and step-by-step explanations. If I'm really honest, this is one of my favourite ways to speak.

Local City Promotions

Governments and cultural organisations need promotion and documentation, just like any other. I have provided voice recordings for for example the cities of Zaanstad, Almere, Utrecht, Elspeet, Vierhouten.