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Handmade Ceramic Fidget Toy


What are these?

Boyo’s are little ceramic pocket pets. They look like little animals, and come in different colours and types of textures. They are each handmade from clay and partly covered with a glaze. Each of them is unique. Boyo’s like to be held and touched, and taken along with you in your hand, pocket or bag.

An Emotional Support Animal

Having a Boyo by your side can be helpful in stressful times. Know this feeling when you start fidgeting with a pen? Or a coin? Or anything small nearby? Instead, find your little support animal. Any time you need to reconnect with the present moment, hold your Boyo. Or put them somewhere where you can see them. They will bring you some peace and support.

Where can I get one?

Right now, I am making as many as I can. Some will be sold at the Studio Pansa Ceramics Market (8th & 9th of June in Amsterdam). Soon after, I will put them in an online shop. Price will be €15 each. Until then, please send me an email at info@sjorshoukes.nl. And follow the Instagram account (@boyo.toys) to see which one you would like!