Dutch voice-over actor



Hi, I'm Sjors. 
Pronounced "Shorse".
Pronunciation is kind of my thing.

I've been doing voice over work and narration in Dutch, the national language of the Netherlands, since 2009. I was born and raised in Utrecht, the Netherlands, but currently work from my home studio in Berlin, Germany. This makes my work very exciting, because I do projects for many international clients. I love telling stories, and finding the best ways of delivering them in a range of different mediums.


Some clients I have worked for:

About my voice

As a trained voice actor with years of experience, I can work on a wide range of projects. My specialties are museums, education (e-learning) and health care, but I also do audiobooks, commercials, animation, voice response, dubbing, TV, explanation videos, radio and more. 

My regular voice balances between young adult and adult male. I speak Dutch without an accent: neutral and professional, but friendly, warm and convincing. It's great for explaining your story to a broad audience. If needed, I can provide different tones of voice, and character voices.

Whatever your needs, we will work together to create the best impression for your audience.



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Home studio or sound studio recording

I have a small home recording studio, which allows me to produce quality recordings, fast & reliably. However, if you prefer to work with a sound studio and a professional audio technician, I am also happy to record elsewhere. Just book a studio, or let me book one for you.

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Editing and delivery

Recordings can be sent either raw, or cleaned and edited - to your preference. The audio can also be timed to video. You will receive high quality digital audio files that can be used immediately. If anything is not to your satisfaction, a re-recording is free of charge.


Copywriting and proofreading

You don't have everything prepared yet? No problem! I can assist you in a number of ways. If you have a Dutch version of the text already, I can proofread and test read it to make sure everything works and sounds well. If not, I can write a fitting text for your project.


Localization and translation

If you have an English or German text, I can translate it to Dutch for you. I speak Dutch, English and German, and can work in all three, due to my work in translation and localization. I can translate from English and German to Dutch, and can, on request, also provide voice over in all 3 languages (with a minimal Dutch accent).


Do you like what you hear?

If you need more information, go ahead and ask me anything.

My standard rates can be found below, but I will happily send you a personal quote. Every project is different.
If needed, I can even send you a FREE test recording, to hear if my voice works for you. No obligations.